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Chinese joined the Russian college entrance examination, Chinese netizens boiling!

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Chinese joined the Russian college entrance examination, Chinese netizens boiling!

Date of release:2018-12-03 00:00 Source: Click:

As Chinese people, we are surrounded by Chinese language at birth. After learning to read and recognize characters, we begin to communicate with each other in Chinese characters. Therefore, learning Chinese is our inherent ability. However, when it comes to Chinese, few people dare to say that they are proficient. After all, Chinese language is broad and proficient. A word can have multiple meanings, and a few words combined have another meaning.


We have also heard foreigners speak Chinese, some very poorly, some even better than the Chinese. In fact, foreigners learn Chinese just as Chinese learn English. We used to complain about why English is required for the college entrance examination, while others do not need to take the exam. According to Russian media, the demo version of the Chinese subject of the national unified examination of Russia will be published before the end of August 2019. In 2019, Chinese subjects will be tested for the first time in the national unified examination, which means that Chinese will be included in the Russian college entrance examination.


Chinese in Russia the university entrance exam, light listen the news is exciting, after all, many netizens have been "poison" in English, now finally have the opportunity to let foreign net friend also experience this kind of feeling, of course very excited ~ so soon netizens to Russian friends to organize a set of 8 Chinese topic, small make up after watching the suspect that he was a fake Chinese.

This series of line small make up really read many times, did not read this is what the meaning of what is said, have friends know to small make up translate it? But netizens "Roman holiday" has also been diss, a zhongke professor said, people will display a listing of all sorts of problems in Chinese extensive and profound, because believe in the so-called "Chinese is the hardest thing to learn the language", people learn Chinese is a nightmare, but the reality is not like that, difficult language all over the world, such as German, Arabic, and - Russian.

Small make up also feel that this professor said quite reasonable, we should stand up, straighten up, dignified to the world to promote Chinese! After the news spread that Chinese was admitted to the Russian college entrance examination, the big V's on the Internet expressed that they should advocate to more foreigners to appreciate the beauty of Chinese!

To tell the truth, after looking at those ancient words listed on the Internet vocabulary, small make up again by storm attack, found that there are a lot of ancient language is not marked with pinyin words, small make up do not know these words, as a Chinese really a little ashamed. Usually we are too dependent on electronic products and seldom write, so many words become strange.

Therefore, Russia has added Chinese into the college entrance examination, and as the successor of Chinese, should we spend more time to learn our own language?

Chinese extensive and profound, as a Chinese teacher, for wuxi Chinese training should not stop the pace of learning!

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