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Korean zero foundation how to do? Training in South Korea or in China?

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Korean zero foundation how to do? Training in South Korea or in China?

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At present, there are many students will consult the teacher, "teacher, I do not know Korean now, but want to go to Korea next year to study abroad, is it better to go directly to Korea to learn Korean? Or learn it well at home?"

In fact, this problem, vary from person to person, according to their actual situation to decide. Today to give you an analysis, wuxi Korean training to see which way you are more suitable ~


What is Korean language college? That a lot of schools can open language institute, it is the subsidiary orgnaization of Korea university actually, do not have direct concern with the university. That is to say, although you are a student of the language college of XX university, it does not mean that you are a student of XX university. You can also apply to other colleges after learning Korean well.

Teacher with you to analyze the difference between Korean language institute and domestic language institute.

1. Price comparison

Speaking of this, I would like to introduce the level of Korean, which is divided into 6 levels, level 1 is the most elementary level, and level 6 is the most advanced level. Before Korean institute begins school, general meeting has cent class exam, allocate class according to your Korean grade. If your Korean is zero foundation, then you can "exempt" into level 1 class.

The tuition fee of Korean language college is also slightly different according to the region and school ranking, which is basically about 15,000 to 20,000 yuan a semester. If you study Korean at home, you will only need about 15,000 yuan to learn intermediate level from zero basis.

2. Time comparison

Having said the price comparison, let's look at the time comparison.

Korean language colleges have four semesters a year, and each term has about 10 weeks of classes. If you are learning Korean at the Korean language institute on a zero-foundation basis, you will be assigned to the first class of grade 1. If you want to learn intermediate level, it will take six months to one year, depending on the degree of acceptance (at least 20,000 to 40,000 yuan tuition fee for four semesters a year).

However, if we first learn Korean at home, even if only at the elementary level, and then go to the Korean language institute to start from the intermediate level, we can save a lot of time and tuition.

3. Language environment

There is no doubt that the Korean language institute won! Learning a language, the language environment is very important, if we go to the Korean institute, not only in the classroom to learn Korean, but also can make many Korean friends, quickly practice to improve their oral ability, this is not easy to learn Korean at home.

However, most of the teachers in Korean language college are all Korean teachers. If you have no Korean language foundation, it will be a little difficult to learn at the beginning, especially the understanding of grammar, which may be a little difficult. If you can cooperate with the domestic learning materials, or learn some basic Korean language in China first, it will be of great help to your study and life in Korea.

Advantages and disadvantages of going to Korean language institute directly and studying Korean in China first. You can refer to their own situation, make a suitable choice.

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