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How to start with English reading? How should English intensive reading be done? There are five steps!

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How to start with English reading? How should English intensive reading be done? There are five steps!

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How to start with English reading? How should English intensive reading be done? Wuxi English training tells you that there are four steps in total!

Speaking of English learning, is inseparable from English reading. English reading can be divided into two kinds, one is extensive English reading, the other is intensive English reading. In fact, English reading intensive reading is more useful than English extensive reading, although the speed is slow, but English intensive reading can help us learn more solid, but also can learn more to the knowledge point.


So what should be done about English accuracy? A lot of English learners talk about English reading, they feel very headache, do not know how to do English reading, in fact, want to better English intensive reading, as long as the following five steps can be mastered! The later period depends on his long-term persistence!

English intensive reading step 1: prepare English intensive reading equipment

Chosen for their English level in a short English passage, as their own learning materials, learning materials can choose than your current English level a little bit difficult, can choose English a little essay in the newspaper, or a little of English textbook passages, in English intensive reading at the same time, must be ready for a big dictionary and a notebook, if there is a notebook computer is better, so that can save some paper.

English intensive reading step two: grass reading

To their prepared in intensive reading materials, the first time can not go to see you don't understand the English words, immediately opened his mouth to read aloud this paragraph of English essays, the process of reading, if it is met her don't understand the English words, can temporarily put it open, but continue to read all the facts, the first time the grass reading can help us better understand this paragraph of English passage says is about what content.

English intensive reading step three: to really intensive reading

The third step, can use your dictionary and notebook prepared in advance, transfer the emphasis of this essay involved words one by one to refer to the dictionary, and master the classic example of a dictionary, and copy them in his notebook, and in the process of intensive reading passages, met a very good sentence, can also be copied to your own notebook, a record and accumulation.

English intensive reading step 4: read aloud and recite the full text

In the fourth step, when you understand the full meaning of the passage, you should open your mouth loudly and read the English passage continuously. At last, you can break away from the text of the passage and recite it.

Retell the passage in your own words

At the end of a step, is to achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of state, you can try to use your own words, to repeat himself learned this English passage, to truly achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, can be better to organize their own language, go to the real understanding and absorption of their learned knowledge, to repeat, is actually in the process of review and consolidate their memory.

Therefore, English reading intensive reading can be divided into the above five steps, learning to master, can better help us do English reading, let us become excellent English students!

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