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Wuxi English training after the parents to help their children review it

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Wuxi English training after the parents to help their children review it

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After the children's English training, how does the child go over the lessons? Parents are generally by the teacher's command, today learned what knowledge, learned a few words, how to teach oral English, the child's impression of the teacher, like or not like; Are you happy or unhappy in class? Generally, at the beginning of the English training in wuxi, the child would feel constrained in the unfamiliar class environment and could not concentrate his/her energy. Of course, some children are outgoing and can quickly adapt to the environment, and the teacher also likes them. Children of different ages have different ways of reviewing after class. Because the depth of what you learn varies with age.

2.5-6 years old children after English training, how to go to review it? Some schools or institutions give children some reading materials, electronic test system, video, etc., through the learning content during the day, at night parents can help children to consolidate and digest the learning content; The process of English training is the teacher's words and deeds, basically in the process of training, the child is interested in the main, just repeat in class or imitate the teacher spelling spelling, repeat pronunciation, such a preliminary understanding of the process; If you don't review and consolidate, after a few days, you will forget quickly. When you go to the English training again, you will basically forget what you learned before. Therefore, in this age group, according to the child's learning characteristics, review the way to be full of fun, do not use boring rote to meet the form of consolidation. For example, I learned an apple or banana today. Teachers teach listening, speaking, reading and writing, parents can not see; Can be through the customer point to read or electric test and so on to consolidate, because the pronunciation must be standard and pure, the child's understanding and familiarity with each word, consolidate; Not too much each time, mainly in order to let the child be able to remember, realize, through strengthened training to make pronunciation and standard spoken language consistent, and then to recognize the connection between words, pronunciation, objects,; Repeat oral English training, can recite, can blurt out. At the beginning, we don't need to be too strict with our children. We can review and consolidate what we have learned in the evening before each class. In fact, children can speak good English, parents are indispensable; Because in the same class study the child, the study effect will have the difference; I'm also learning why there are so many differences, which is the result of reviewing after class.

Many parents feel that teaching their children in a purely European and American way will enable them to receive authentic training. Is that what it turns out to be? Because our children live in the Chinese environment, often use the most or Chinese, spoken language is also relatively more; Is it really appropriate to use completely foreign teaching methods? Some people think it is equivalent to studying abroad indirectly; This ignores an environmental problem. If the use of pure European and American children's English training, and foreign children like the teaching method; Looks good, but in practice, often will form a relatively large gap; Why? Because foreign children learn English, as a mother tongue to train, whether in the classroom, or in the family environment will be used; Just like Chinese children learning mandarin, there is always such a Chinese thinking in the expression and use, such effect is often doubled; The suggestion is the combination of Chinese and foreign teaching, through the introduction of Chinese, the introduction of English elements, and then progressive American environment; This is the same as entering the swimming pool, the child is not familiar with the nature will slowly to adapt, and then can be released, not all at once into the pure foreign language environment, the child does not know what to say, the attention will be very distracted, often find themselves interested in things and things; People who are not interested in what they don't understand are often overlooked. Therefore, in the process of training, how to make children interested in the content of children's English enlightenment training is the first problem to be solved. Instead of blindly indoctrinating the teaching content to the child, the formal completion can not let the child remember. So interest often can let the child concentrate, the efficiency that absorbs knowledge also can increase greatly.

Children's English learning process, is in the process of learning, repeated consolidation, strengthen English thinking, develop good oral English expression habits. English learning is not the whole of life, learning any language or skills, must be seriously treated, it is ok. Because you take what you learn seriously, what you learn will come back to you with excellent performance. The same goes for helping your child with homework. If you ask questions formally or don't take part in the learning process, you may end up rewarding your child in a perfunctory way. Every child's growth environment is different, parents' words and deeds are often the most direct and real template for children; When the child learns the effect is bad, should look for a problem from oneself body above all, care to the child insufficient; How much do parents do in terms of coaching and reviewing? Only from their own to analyze and solve the problem, can be fundamentally solved.


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