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A brief introduction to Chinese Curriculum

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A brief introduction to Chinese Curriculum

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Detailed introduction

Chinese training

The description of the level of the general Chinese Course

Primary school (Level 3):

You will learn Chinese pronunciation, tone, basic vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure. Understand simple information, instructions, and directions. You can talk about daily activities and use basic grammatical structures.

Upper and middle level (grade 2)

The degree of fluency in Chinese is improved. By acquiring skills and knowledge through an interactive course, you will be able to deal with the dialogue without first translating back to your mother tongue.

Low grade (grade 3)

Through carefully selected topics, you can improve your spoken language by vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

Advanced (Level 2)

Reading makes your listening, speaking and writing amazing progress. With all kinds of materials, such as newspapers, modern Chinese prose, etc., it can help you cross the barriers of language and culture, and you will be able to talk widely.

Intermediate (Level 2)

Explore the cultural differences between China and your country in the classroom. A deep understanding of culture will quickly improve your understanding of how Chinese use in real life.

The description of the level of business Chinese

Primary school (Level 2)

You will learn to live and work on a common topic in China. After completing this level, you will have a solid foundation of Mandarin pronunciation, vocabulary and sentence structure, and can start to establish a relationship with Chinese enterprises.

Intermediate (Level 1)

You will be able to discuss the key areas of business, such as finance, banking, e-commerce, marketing, international trade and negotiation, investment and litigation. You will be able to talk confidently and learn to write for business purposes.

Intermediate (Level 1)

You will be able to communicate fluently in the basic social environment and start learning business topics in the Chinese context. You will be in touch with the changing environment of China and the current financial overview of business practices, marketing, and the current problems in the world in China.

Advanced (Level 2)

Completing these levels will enable you to be able to function independently in a wide range of business conditions and functions. You will be able to discuss at all levels of the organization and collect information from the sources of Chinese economic news.

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