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Oral English Course

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Oral English Course

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  • Date of release:2020/08/26
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Detailed introduction


Daily Oral English course

Starting from the basic teaching, students will learn phonetic symbols, basic grammar, everyday language, sentence structure and so on. After studying, students can have daily communication. Teachers of language style will help students master English better through interactive teaching and immersion teaching methods. Teachers will teach from listening, speaking, reading and writing. Focus on training students in both listening and speaking, which can help students understand and speak more quickly and dare to use English to communicate with others.

At present, the courses of Wuxi English training are mainly private English lessons for children. Teachers will make children fall in love with English and be willing to learn English with vivid and interesting teaching methods, and make teaching plans suitable for students according to their characteristics, so as to lay a good foundation for children to learn English.

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