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Private Chinese teaching course

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Private Chinese teaching course

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  • Date of release:2020/08/26
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Detailed introduction


Language Style Chinese course features:

- Efficient and flexible language style Chinese as a Foreign Language learning course.

- Flexible and popular Language style Chinese class time and place: the class time and place can be adjusted through negotiation, and the class time can be canceled flexibly.

Customized Private Chinese teaching courses include the following courses:

* Language Style Chinese HSK preparation course

* Custom courses for Private Chinese business teaching

* Language style Chinese listening, speaking, reading and writing characteristic private teaching courses

* Language style Private Chinese Character Teaching course

* Custom private education courses on Chinese culture

Language Style Chinese course features:

- Learning Chinese culture, Chinese character writing, business Chinese, HSK And other customized courses efficiently and flexibly.

- It is a personal course tailored to the needs of Chinese language students. The teaching place and time can be adjusted.

· According to the actual situation of students, Wuxi Chinese Language Training School tailors the curriculum plan and progress of special Chinese language for students.

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