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Basic Chinese Course

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Basic Chinese Course

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  • Date of release:2020/08/26
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Basic Chinese Language Courses (three levels in total)

In this level of language style Chinese class, students will learn Chinese pronunciation, Chinese pronunciation and intonation, basic Chinese language, Basic Chinese grammar, traditional Chinese sentence structure, daily communication, self-introduction, orientation guidance, room booking, hotel, taxi and other daily survival language. After learning the basic course of language style, students can use Chinese to communicate with all the activities, events and basic grammar in daily life.

Chinese Language Course for Junior and Intermediate Level (three levels in total)

The carefully selected themed courses enable Chinese learners to rapidly improve their oral Chinese and TCSL expression and application ability from various aspects, such as Chinese new words, Chinese grammar, Chinese language environment, and sentence structure of dialogue.

Intermediate Chinese Language Course (total 2 levels)

In wind Chinese language classroom, explore the Chinese culture and the cultural difference of students learning Chinese country, understanding of Chinese culture from different angles and to use, will quickly promote students to learn the Chinese language comprehension and understanding ability, and enables the students to fundamentally reduce the misunderstanding and language comprehension barriers brought by the cultural differences, the language wind Chinese students really become the language of life.

Advanced Chinese Courses (two levels in total)

In classroom language Chinese wind, wind Chinese teacher through interactive Chinese language teaching and immersion teaching, make students better grasp the fluent Chinese and English communication skills and knowledge of Chinese as a foreign language using ability, lets the student no longer use their national language translation as an aid to learning Chinese, really learning Chinese language will wind is as good as said of his mother tongue.

Advanced Chinese Language Course (two levels in total)

In this stage, the teachers of Wuxi Chinese Language Training School will have different expansion training from listening, speaking, reading and writing, and will have an in-depth understanding of the origin and composition of Chinese characters in writing. At the same time, materials in various fields are selected to assist students' learning, such as common Chinese newspapers, modern China, story-telling and so on. In this stage of Chinese language setting, it will help foreign students bridge the gap between Chinese language and cultural differences, enabling them to fundamentally master the communication and application of Chinese language, writing, reading, understanding of cultural differences between China and foreign countries, and so on.

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