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Japanese Translation Service

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Japanese Translation Service

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Detailed introduction


Japanese is widely used in the world, because the Japanese animation industry has great influence in the world, although it is not the working language of the United Nations. Especially for ACG related things, Japanese is almost the only language.

Japanese is mainly spoken in Russia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Oceania, the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America and other countries and regions, and the United Kingdom in Europe as a few important languages.

Japanese is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with 99 million Internet users. With 127 million native Speakers, Japanese ranks ninth out of 20 countries with 128,204,860 global speakers, while the number of Internet users has risen five places.

Linguists are selected strictly and have professional certifications in the industry with more than three years of professional experience.

Field of Translation:

Medicine, communications, computer, environmental engineering, chemical industry, automobile, petrochemical, electronics, software, financial, legal, machinery, metallurgy, construction, energy, environmental protection, transportation, food, agriculture, literature and art, telecom, semiconductor, electrical, water conservancy and hydropower, market research, aerospace, geology, immigration, finance, securities, insurance, agriculture, forestry and fishing, advertising, media, investment promotion, textile, accounting, consulting, audit, the Internet, politics, trade, mining and metallurgy, biology, engineering, clothing, sports, and many other fields.

Translation type:

General documents: letters, plans, letters of intent, resumes, invitations, bulletins, marketing materials, report forms, overseas materials production, user manuals, foreign language business CARDS, training materials, TV scripts, essays, novels, papers, poems, advertisements, literature and art, magazines, films, etc

Technical documents: technical specifications, operation instructions, tender and tender, product descriptions, equipment production lines, equipment installation, etc

Business documents: company introduction, business statements, letters of credit, annual reports, official letters, financial analysis, marketing materials, market research reports, etc

Legal documents: contracts, agreements, regulations, notarial certificates, government documents, articles of association, regulations, conventions, judgments, documents, contracts, etc

Appraisal documents: asset appraisal, real estate appraisal, audit report, intangible assets appraisal, feasibility report, land appraisal, etc

Media files: typesetting of various formats, website translation, dubbing and subtitle production of VCD and other film and television files

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